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A journey to a mystical library deep in the heart of The Red Rock Desert proves deadly. Jason Littweiler, a young wizard, is assigned a case involving the murders of several guards, with the darkly beautiful Mortyiene as his partner.

Upon arriving at The Library, he befriends a library cat who helps him find his ways through the library and investigate the deaths of the guards. Despite his allergies to cats, he learns to rely upon her knowledge of The Library and its denizens.

As the investigation unfolds, he learns that the murders are part of a deeper plan. Together they uncover a truth that influences the nature of the war itself. The trio discovers that the killer has motives more sinister than they can imagine.



My short fiction.

Lokni is in the same world as Jason and Mortyiene, but he is a magistrate in the evil city of Eversphere. Slavery is allowed and encouraged and the women slaves are brutalized into submission.  He is an honest magistrate in a controlling and domineering city just trying to make his way. The first short story came out in April 2016. The short stories can be bought at all of the major ebook sellers for 99 cents

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The Bankers of Zurix by Victoria Osborne

The Bankers of Zurix

by Victoria Osborne

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